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We eat everyday, and a large amount of food is consumed by us. One day, I noticed that in many countries, people pray before or/and after meals. Although each praying differs if one sees their forms, underlying meaning of such an act of prayer is to express gratitude. In Japan, people pray by saying “Itadakimasu”, which means to express thanks to those ingredients which gave up their life to be eaten. And it is become a courtesy not to leave any portion of food.

For Grace, I took images with my iPhone and added retouch (syched as they are synthesized and digitally painted over) with my computer. I think it is the photographer’s skill to make ordinary objects beautiful. If one has this skill, he can create his works using his mobile phone. I felt I didn’t need to set up a big camera for this work. At any time, anywhere, we can take photos and it is possible to create our works. Photography should be the joy.





Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace

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